Family Planning Clinic

Modern age women is not only a wise home maker but also a competitive professional also.She has to strike a balance in her family life and carrier.most of the women acquire their knowledge about family palnning methods through disscussu\ion with friends and somtine print media without any scientific backing. There are various family plannihnng methods  like:

Temporay Method eg; condoms, OCPs and CuT etc.vaious tupes of latest CuT are available that could be medicated and non medicated etc

Permananet Methods  eg; Vasectomy and laproscopic tubal ligations.

Most oimportant ios which one is best for you,when to use it,how touse it and how long? What are the precautions and side effects of a particular method.for proper guidance a lady need one to one discussion with doctors.

In this  clinic sexual transmitted disease (STD’s) counseling and treatment is also done. Women suffering from vaginal discharge (leucorrhoea), itching and lower backache are successfully treated and preventive measures      are explained.